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Our Products and Solutions

Looking to enhance and streamline your business with IT? We can come up with software to help your company lower manpower time and cost, increasing your business effectiveness.

We can customize according to your needs with the internation as well as the local standards, norms, practices, and procedures for different businesses with different processes.


Point of Sale System (POS)

  • Suitable for Small Business.
  • Usually Cash Sales On Delivery, No Credit Sale,
  • And workgroup of terminals for the small machines

Retail Management System (RMS)

  • For Small and Medium Business
  • Credit Sale and Stock Management
  • Customer Database and Sales.
  • Optional Cloud Ready

Hotel Management System

A hotel management system is a set of hotel software solutions that keep operations flowing.

There are customizable accounting packages, customer relationship management (CRM) packages, and an essential dizzying array of industry-specific software.

ERP software icons

Enterprise Resource and Planning

Integrated management of business processes software

  • Customer Relation Management & Sales
  • Inventory & Stock Management
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Management
  • Account & Finance
  • RAW & Material Management for Production Mang.
Mobie Sale

Mobile Sales & Solution

Various Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Sale
  • Order Collection
  • Payment & Received Slips
Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Doing Business in the cloud